Add Soothing Warmth to Tile with Radiant Heating

It’s safe to say, that most homeowners would like to avoid that apprehensive first step out of a nice warm shower onto the icy bathroom floor, and they can, simply by installing a radiant heating system. Whether it is ceramic tile or stone, everyone will quickly realize and revel in the spa-like comfort these new systems provide. The ability to make any room, including all its contents, luxuriously warm from floor to ceiling, is the ultimate offer in personal comfort.

We recently installed a floor heating system from WarmlyYours in a bathroom remodeling project (WarmlyYours systems are easy to install, and come with a 24/7 installation help line and free testing tools to ensure trouble-free installations). Let's quickly go over the installation process.

1) Getting Ready: Your Radiant Heating System
WarmlyYours systems are comprised of pre-sized rolls of mesh backed cables that are laid out in a floor grid according to the installation plan that accompanies each order. System installation can be performed by tile setters using standard tools.

2) Installing Tile Over Radiant Heating: A quick Installation Overview
Once the electric radiant heating system is in place, a thin 1/8" layer of thinset cement is applied over the top of the system. Next, floor tiles are installed over the embedded system using an additional layer of thinset cement. To learn more about the installation of an electric radiant heating system, take a look at WarmlyYours online videos.

3) Letting the Electrician Finalize the Installation
Once flooring installation is complete, the system is wired to your home electrical system and the thermostat installed in a standard wall box. The System is now ready for customer use and enjoyment.

How to Add the Comfort of Heated Floors to your Own Project
The most reliable way to get pricing is to fax your bathroom or kitchen floor plan directly to the manufacturer. Some of them will get back to you overnight with a quotation and a custom installation plan at no charge. If you simply want a rough estimate, consider the following: a floor heating system for a small 5’x8’ bathroom will cost about $300-$400, a medium bathroom about $500-$700 and a large bathroom between $700 and $1,200 depending on the square footage.

WarmlyYours features a user friendly quotation tool on their website that helps you design your own customized floor heating layout. Click here to draw your plan and order your system.

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