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question petey9999 
Dec-09-2014 19:51
removing floor tile from ditra
Hello  i have approx 200 sq feet of 12 by 24 inch floor tile installed over ditra that i would like to remove and retile  Is it possible to remove the tile and retile over the ditra or would the ditra also have tobe removed and replaced?   Ty
question pk 
Dec-02-2014 21:08
answer to question 12959
I don't know how to reply to post 12959 or 12960 but maybe the poster will see this. The normal sawcut spacing for a new slab is a function of the slab thickness and the reinforcing. Typical (beware to the fellow that drowned in the creek that averaged 1 foot deep) slab on grade thickness and reinforcement will normally have a sawcut spacing of around 20-25 feet on center.   Depth of cut should be enough to weaken the slab significantly so that the slab will crack in a straight line there as the concrete cures.  Normally (again the warning) this is 1/3 of the slab depth, although sometimes a slab will crack off of the sawcut, so some people cut closer to half of the slab depth. If this is an existing facility with concrete older than 1 month old, then sawcutting might not benefit you at all.  The point of the sawcut is to force cracking in a weakened zone to occur before the slab cures, but if the slab has already cured and cracked to relieve the shrinkage cracks, then sawcutting probably doesn't help anything- sawcutting won't uncrack the concrete that already cracked. And if the stress is already relieved, then it is possible that it might not ever crack in the sawcut. Is this a metal building with rigid frames (such as a preengineered rigid frame structure)? Without knowing what is happening in and below the slab, you could cut tie-beam reinforcement, or hairpins if they are present.  Use caution and do your due-diligence before cutting.
Dear PK:
answer to question 12959

Although it is not normal for a slab this size, this could be a "post tension" slab, and cutting it would damege its integrity. What you could do is to install a heavy duty monolithic membrane before tiling; not cheap, but cheaper than replacing a tile installation. Noble "T/S" is a well known brand. In addition, and depending on the density of the tile you are installing, you should install Schluter type expansion strips every 15'/25' to prevent "tenting". Armen Tavy

question AFI 
Dec-01-2014 10:38
no control joints, no saw cuts - corrected
50,000 sf facility space - all tile.
question AFI 
Dec-01-2014 10:35
no control joints, no saw cuts??
We have a project we are getting ready to start.  It is an interior commercial space.  It appears as if the slab was poured as a solid slab with no control joints or saw cuts.  This is a 50 sf facility.   Question(s): (1).  Why would a concrete subcontractor pour a slab without any control joints or saw cuts? (2).  We are asking them to make cuts on a 25' x 25' foot grid, is this the right dimension? (3).  How deep should the cuts be? (4).  Any additional insight would be appreciated. We have never done a commerical project with a monolithic surface. Thanks!


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