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Ceramic Tile Advice Forum

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question kim 
Apr-23-2014 12:29
Eliane discontinued floor tile
I'm trying to find and purchase 8 16"x16" Eliane Colestone White floor tile.  It is discontinued.  Can you help me locate it?  Thank you!
question doccbst 
Apr-22-2014 17:17
Should Tile Layout be focused on doors or fireplace
I am new at laying tile, have some construction experience but not sure of my layout. I have attached a pic from TileGem layout program featureing the kitchen and entry doorways. would like opinions if this is acceptable or should I focus on firplace or the complete french doors. Room is 22.82' x 10.85', Tiles are ceramic measured 15.75" inch with planned 1/2" grout spacing. any help or opinions appreciated, I am sure I will have more questions on this project, so please let me know if you have helpful suggestions, I do want it to look professional.
question DC 
Apr-21-2014 12:44
Tile grout selection
I have installed porcelin tile on the floor and shower/tub areas of my bathroom-tiles on wall are tan in color-I used a gray colored mortar to attach. Tiles on floor I used white mortar. So I have a few questions: 1) Am I limited to a dark colored grout on the walls since I used a gray (light gray) mortar? 2) How do I achieve a consistent color for grout?-in the past I have gotten light and dark areas. 3) I was going to use pre-mixed grout to achieve consistent color-but read that it isn't the best choice? 4) Is there a particular brand of grout (pre mixed or un mixed) that would be more apt to have a consistent color? sorry for all the questions and thank you!
Dear DC:
Tile grout selection

This is an on-going troublesome problem for our entire tile industry. The real problem is that installers do not "dry Mix" the contents of a grout container when using only a portion of a bag or container. We have been trying to educate professionals and DIY's to do this very important step in order to get the color pigments distributed evenly.  Once "any color" setting mortar has dried thoroughly, it makes no difference to "the grout". After a 24 hours delay after setting tiles, you can just "go for it". In many cases, the use of too much water when washing the grout can also dilute the colore pigments, that is why the "wash water" turns the same color as the grout. I do not care for pre-mixed grouts, and I do believe other professionals feel the same way. Don't ever appologise for asking questions, that's why I am here, and I love what I do.....Armen Tavy

question joesmith 
Apr-15-2014 03:14
Which flooring is good for living room?

I am assuming you're referring to ceramic type "tile". My choice would be 18" to 20" Travertine marble. If you would like a more formal feeling, the "field" tiles could be set diagonal surrounded by a straight-bond border of half tiles. A feature strip 6" (+) wide could be added between the border and the diagonal field using the same tiles cut to fit (rectangular) or "decorative" Listel tiles that come in varying sizes. If Listels are used, check that the thickness of the tiles are the same. Doing the install yourself? You can ask me for proper installation procedures. Travertine marble does require periodic maintenace so an optional choice that is "maintence free" (except for dusting and washing) would be Ceramic that looks like Travertine. The quality of the tile is always important, and, "You do get what you pay for". A large area rug under the couches, coffee table and end tables can "soften" the seating area. Armen Tavy



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