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question Mike 
Jan-28-2015 11:17
vapor barrier goes where when laying tile on a wooden subfloor over a crawl space.
I am taking up 200 feet of ceramic tile on my kitchen floor.  The house was built in 1958.  The dishwasher leaked and the subfloor has rotted, so I will be replacing parts of it.  I have not pulled up the ceramic tile yet, no idea what else I will find.  The subfloor is planks on a diagonal, then plywood on top of that.  Should roofing felt go on top of the planks, then plywood, then thin set with Detra, then thin set and tile?  Will this provide the needed vapor barrier or is the thin set enough of a vapor barrier?  I have read a number of posts and really got confused.   thanks,, Mike
Dear MIKE:
vapor barrier goes where when laying tile on a wooden subfloor over a crawl space.

You have not said where you live in the country that you feel you need a vapor barrier. In any case, you could install one if you chose too. Roofing Felt with a 6" overlap or 8mil plastic sheeting are two ways. Liquid paint on membranes are another. Always seal the perimeter as well. Thin-Set mortar itself is not a vapor barrier. After repairs, installing new "Exterior-glue" plywood over the diagonal boards, Ditra" would be a fine product; however, it will raise your floor another 3/8" or so. Tavy Thin-Skin tile underlayment will not raise the floor enough to measure it, and it is a proven tile underlayment providing a guaranteed bonding base for your new tiles, and if you are concerned about cost, it is the lowest while still getting the job done. Armen Tavy



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